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A warm welcome to you.

Please note: my fee for the rest of 2020 will stay at the reduced rate of £40 - a reduction from my normal fee of £50.

I am continuing to work with my existing Walk&Talk clients in Teddington, but not in the Isle of Wight, as travel restrictions mean I cannot offer a reliable and consistent W&T practice. My apologies if you are on the Island.

However, whilst I've been an "in-person" therapist for approximately 13 years now, I've also worked online with some clients for about 5/6 years - and when the first lockdown occurred, we were all forced online anyway and I worked with clients in Spain, Romania, Philippines and various parts of the UK, as well as local clients. After lockdown ended, some of those local clients asked to remain working online as they found it to be more time-efficient and convenient for their own, re-shaped, working lives.

Working online is just different - neither better nor worse - just different. And it can lend an air of freedom/relaxation and spontaneity. It is not, however, another extension of a business meeting! - and the same boundaries and ethical considerations that would apply in a therapy room, also apply face-to-face online as well.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need to talk, or even if you need advice. First info-gathering session is free of charge.

In discussion with my own therapy supervisor, we agree that the presence of Coronavirus and the pressures of lockdown, have caused a base-level anxiety in people, in addition to any other problems or issues going on. The presence of Coronavirus has produced a steady, unwelcome agitation in people. It unconsciously jiggles away underneath and our ability to remain flexible, resilient and calm is challenged.

If you are feeling anxious and concerned during these difficult times, please do get in contact. Whilst I specialise in the field of Codependency and chaotic-thinking, I also work with clients who suffer a loss of identity or a sense of self, who may experience depression, loneliness, loss of a person or pet companion. I would also add that I am an Interfaith counsellor, with experience in working with Beliefs, Values and Cultures.

...For nearly 15 years, I have specialised in working with men and women who suffer from Codependency, negatively repetitive thoughts and chaotic ways of being.

Why Codependency? Well, it is a condition that lots of people have, yet many do not know that's what it is until they start delving deeper. This means they just keep repeating the same behaviour, thinking that what they are doing is going to work "this time" - yet wondering why they still feel bad about themselves.

People who suffer from Codependency have their polar opposites: the dominant person (narcissism, addiction, dismissing, gaslighting, etc) and the compliant person (over-caring/helping, fixing, saving, waiting, second-guessing...etc). Both are codependent. Both are as unhappy as the other, yet they communicate it in different ways. The result is a difficult and unhappy life.

I would like to help you step out of your difficult life - into one that is more aware, inspired and fulfilling.

How we can work together:

Walk & Talk - outdoors (in Teddington) - please see the W&T tab above
Online / Face-to-Face - time-efficient, convenient and comfortable. A method that allows you to 'come to your session' from your office or home - please see the Online tab above.

You may be experiencing...

...a loss of a sense of self
...loss of esteem
...a change in your role/identity
...'existing' in a relationship with a narcissist
...your family isn't listening to you; doesn't give you respect
...difficult decisions, such as business-succession or 'stepping back'
...repetitive negative behaviours
...chaotic thinking
...an unbalanced life.

I also work a lot with business owners - and know it can be extremely hard for a senior professional or company owner to 'open up', to talk about the highly personal issues that face you. Be assured that from me, you will have total confidentiality, a fair and balanced view, someone who will ask you key questions without you having to worrying about the impact of your answers. I'll help you assess your options - and the ones you've yet to think of - so you can achieve a different outcome.

I don't put sticking plasters over tricky issues, nor do I wave the carrot and stick - its about you making lasting change, with integrity. Its also about having a very productive and enlightening journey getting there.

Take 2 was born when I used to have a Counselling & Psychotherapy office in the old Teddington TV Studios in SW London (when the clapperboard snaps shut, the new "take" is rolling). In life we have more than one chance, more than one way to get our wishes met, reinvent ourselves, start something new, peel away regrets - and experience satisfaction and achievement. We can "take two" or perhaps even three or four - or more...

If you are sick of the same-old/same-old, are suffering mental paralysis-by-analysis, have difficulty turning talk into action, or find yourself grasping at the past because your future is blurry - I invite you to "take 2'.


An initial meeting to ascertain your therapy needs, is around 40-50 minutes and is free of charge. For this session, we will meet Online or sitting down together at a pre-arranged venue, due to me needing to make a few notes.

If your needs are best served by weekly Psychotherapy, the fees are currently £40.00 per session. Psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes in length.

I have regular clinical supervision, full professional insurance, and I am registered under the ICO/Data Protection Act.

  • Member of British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists (MBACP)
  • Member of the Association of Coaching (MAC)
  • Member of "The Counselling Directory" and "The Coaching Directory"

  • Helen Christine King at Take2, offers Psychotherapy & Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Coaching: Walk & Talk / Nature Therapy in the Teddington, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and in the Isle of Wight. Walk&Talk clients are welcome from Teddington, Twickenham, Hampton, Kingston and throughout the Richmond upon Thames borough and throughout the Isle of Wight. Coaching is offered over the Internet/face-to-face (although some coaching clients might wish to Walk&Talk), and welcomes enquiries from England and the UK, and from countries such as South Africa, Hong Kong, Europe and other countries worldwide.

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