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Welcome. I'm Helen King, a Professional Coach and Psychotherapist, supporting clients through major life transitions.

My company - Take2 - evolved from when I had my counselling & psychotherapy office in the old Teddington TV Studios. When the clapperboard snaps shut, the new "take" is rolling. In life we have more than one chance - and more than one way - to achieve our goals and wishes, to reinvent ourselves, to start something new, to experience satisfaction and achievement. So we can "take two" - or perhaps even three or four - or more...

If you are sick of the same-old/same-old, are suffering paralysis-by-analysis, believe you're close to your limitations, or find yourself grasping at the past because your future is blurry - then get in touch.


Let's clear a pathway and put your ideas into action. I don't put sticking plasters over tricky issues, nor do I wave the carrot and stick - its about you making lasting change, with integrity. Its also about having a very productive and enlightening journey getting there.

I offer you discretion - a working partnership with a committed and well-resourced coach. You get a reflective, balanced sounding board on which to bounce issues and goals. I'll help you assess your options - and the ones you've yet to think of - so you can truly achieve a different outcome.

I coach to get you unstuck - to guide you through major life transitions...

  • Expat spouses/partners who have up-rooted their own careers, families and homes, identity and support circle, to move overseas (from and to the UK) and who wonder just how they’re going to re-establish themselves;
  • Singles - those who now find themselves living a life on their own – and don’t like it / and those who love it, but want more;
  • Senior entrepreneurs who are staring succession in the face, but who find it hard to approach it in a positive, productive and passionate way. Coaching together could be one of the best investments you'll make.

    Take2 Coaching is global - we meet face-to-face online. Its prompt, convenient and comfortable! I welcome clients from the UK, throughout Europe, Australasia, Hong Kong, Singapore and America. If we can link up face-to-face via secure conferencing software, then I look forward to meeting you in any country. Please see Professional Coaching on the Menu above.


    I'm a highly experienced relationship and trauma counsellor & psychotherapist, with ten years in private practice in the Teddington, Twickenham, Richmond areas. Having trialled my specialised form of Walk&Talk Therapy over the last year in Teddington parks and open spaces, I have now selected this as my only therapeutic offering. Why? Because my Walk&Talk Therapy clients have helped me prove this method to be one of the very best ways of mobilising stuck thinking, behaving and feeling. Please see Walk&Talk on the Menu above.

    I reserve just a few client appointments each week specifically for Walk&Talk in Teddington & Isle of Wight. It's an advanced psychotherapy technique, which has proven to gently shift emotions in less time than sit-down-and-talk counselling and psychotherapy. Being out in the air is also a great mood buster and being in nature puts you more in touch with yourself. It is great for the more introverted among us, as it can offer you a less intrusive experience.

    Walk&Talk is for clients in the Teddington, Richmond, Hampton, Kingston, SW London and Surrey areas - and also in the Isle of Wight, where I work part-time.

    If you are unsure what would be the best way forward for you, then do please ask. Not everyone is suited to coaching - and not everyone needs counselling or psychotherapy. One size does not fit all.

  • Take2 offers Professional coaching and Walk & Talk psychotherapy / counselling in the London Borough of Richmond, Teddington and in the Isle of Wight. Walk&Talk Therapy clients are welcome from are welcome from Twickenham, Hampton, Kingston and throughout the Richmond upon Thames borough and throughout the Isle of Wight. Take2 Coaching offers confidential coaching over the Internet (face-to-face), and welcomes enquiries from England and the UK, and from countries such as South Africa, Hong Kong, Europe and other countries worldwide.

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