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Hello - welcome!

I'm Helen King and I'm a calm, open, relational psychotherapist, counsellor and coach in Teddington - covering local areas such as Twickenham, Richmond, Ham, Kingston and Hampton. I specialise in helping those engaged in negatively-repetitive relationships and behaviours.

I guess my therapy practice is all about change. That doesn't mean trying harder and harder to make the same thing work - after all, it was good old Albert Einstein who observed...

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
- and expecting a different outcome."

As a therapist, I help people discover their personal identity or purpose - and create the space to live it. My aim is to help those people who have drifted, those who find themselves living by/struggling with someone else’s decisions, those in chaos or who are ‘standing still’.

Therapy sessions are a bit like path clearing…
- seeing clearly what’s before us
- finding the 'pause button' to enable us to mindfully reflect on the path - and not the mountain!
- challenging outdated and unworkable thoughts & ways of being
- feeling its ok to be you
- growing in self-compassion
- developing flexibility to build robustness
- support in keeping you keep on your path - with purpose.

My values-focused approach is whole-life. Whether you decide to make some bold moves or take small steps, our time together will hopefully bring you to a different place than the one you were in.

Most of all, I offer you safe mental space - to talk, explore, think, and just “be” what/who you need to be in that moment.

I blend my first training in deeper Relational Transactional Analysis psychotherapy, with the practical, forward-focused Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). Depending on what you bring, it may be more appropriate to use one or the other approaches. However, for many clients, we utilise whatever we need to, in order to gain clearer understanding.

There is no fee for our first exploratory meeting.

Much of my training/working background is in repetitive/addictive thinking & behaving and in mental health - and I am a specialist counsellor & psychotherapist in Richmond upon Thames borough for:

Codependency and addictive relationship styles
- Feeling unheard? Angry all the time? Perhaps text-bombing, needing to fix or take-care-of, worrying about someone constantly, being abused, drawn to certain types of people but unsure why? Codependency is a cluster of behaviours that ensures you give everything you have to give - and keep nothing back for yourself (ending up very unhappy and often sick). I offer individual counselling or couples counselling. Click on CoDA UK. for a list of "Patterns & Characteristics" of codependency. It's often easy to spot another's patterns, but does something on the CoDA list ring a bell with you?
Addictive behaviours
- We'll focus on what's behind the "symptom" you bring (what's underlying your drug-of-choice: gambling, alcohol, internet, porn, drugs, etc). I have faith that when you're ready to give up, you will.
I hope to help you understand what's been missing and why you've filled the gap with something that is making you unwell, unhappy and (eventually) unpopular. I am well-versed in the 12-Steps (having worked in 12-Step environments and been a sponsor myself) and can support you in this if that is what you would like.
Chaos and flip-flop thinking
- Sometimes, but not exclusively, these can be behaviours that go with a diagnosis of BP/BPD and Bipolar. However, it all boils down to thoughts that appear out of your control, but actually ARE within your control - in the main! I'll help you push the "pause" button, slow down your trigger-to-response times (and those sad, angry, abusive or abandonment feelings) and gain you some valuable time to think about how you'd really like to be thinking/feeling.
- High-functioning... driven... people-pleasing? / Layers of procrastination... distraction... exhaustion? Acceptance of self is key. And then, how you can better manage your thinking, make planned, considered choices and let go of all those "shoulds" you've been saddled with from other people for years.

If you would like to make an appointment for an initial meeting with me in Teddington (for which there is no charge), please email, text, call:
Helen King - 07985 041 060

Take2Therapy offers Counselling in Teddington / Psychotherapy in Teddington, as well as covering clients from Twickenham, Hampton, Kingston and throughout the Richmond upon Thames borough. Helen King also offers professional Life Coaching in Teddington - with a mix of face-to-face work and online sessions.

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