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Career need a shake up? Feeling invisible - and thinking its about time you were seen and heard? Or at a life crossroads, but the direction is less than clear?

As well as a long-time psychotherapist, I am a qualified psychotherapeutic coach - an experienced catalyst for your own ideas, thoughts and actions. Clients choose to work with me because I am fair, straightforward, consistent and calm. I have a background in marketing communications & strategic marketing and have held senior managerial positions and directorships in entertainment and industrial sectors.

Coaching sessions are held on Zoom and as long as we can negotiate the time zones, I am happy to meet with clients worldwide.

To coach or not to coach, that is the question...

Coaching is not the same as therapy - and there are some things I will not coach, because they belong in the realm of the emotional and are often locked in our early development. It is unethical for a practitioner to attempt to use coaching to solve a therapy issue. Coaching is a robustly conscious (cognitive) approach to achieving a well-defined goal - and a coach who is not a qualified/experienced psychotherapist can do more harm than good by dabbling with a client's emotions. Therapy may also have a desired outcome, yet it addresses the difficult unconscious processes that hold us back. For some clients, it has proven useful to have had a limited number of therapy sessions first, before they moved on to coaching.

What to expect from me:

1) first-hand knowledge of business, career change and start-ups
2) an understanding of how the human mind constructs its reality and how people can unconsciously sabotage their futures
3) professional coach training and approach.

  • I look at change-making with a whole-life lens - everything is connected.
  • I'll help you actively engage with your core values and focus on outcomes, not minutiae.
  • I endeavour to do my best for my clients and if I cannot do my best, I will refer you.
  • I've no time for the fad of coaching that relies on cheap hooks.
  • I won't be writing a whizzy eBook, nor promising "12 Incredible Secrets..." Or "Six awesome hacks" of whatever.
  • You won't be asked to join a coachee Facebook Group (or other social media group) - I don't have one.
  • I don't wear a suit - what you say is more important than what I wear.
  • I'm pretty straightforward - oh, you got that!
  • I can see both the wood and the trees.

  • And talking of woods and trees... I sometimes Walk&Talk in nature with some coaching clients, as it helps bust open stuck beliefs or situations and can re-charge the batteries and re-motivate. However, there does needs to be a defined goal and action plan laid down first, before any outside sessions.

    Regularity of coaching sessions:

    I recommend that we meet every other week (no less than two sessions per month) at 60 minutes per session. We'll chunk down your Plan into bit-sized pieces, so that they are realistic and achievable - and the break between sessions gives you time to bring those smaller, individual step-changes to life. But, by agreement, some clients have wanted to meet weekly - others pop back for booster sessions as and when.

    Initial 30-60 minute info-gathering meeting (on Zoom): free of charge
    1-hour coaching sessions: £75.00 each.

    ICO (Data Protection) membership since 2014: ZA072702
    Full, professional indemnity insured.
    Member of the Association of Coaching (MAC)
    Member of the Coaching Directory and The Counselling Directory.

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