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Re-vision. Re-value. Re-shape.

When people say something is not possible, I say "why not?" The reality is that we can pretty much achieve whatever we want, but we have to know What we want, Where, Who - and then How (and, of course, Why we want it in the first place). My approach is part Sherlock Holmes and part Ninja!
I observe, think outside the box - and cut through the bulls**t to get to the heart of the matter.

I’ve morphed from a relationship & trauma psychotherapist of 10 years, with a full private practice – into a well-trained professional coach. I now devote 80% of my working diary to professionally coaching people facing major life transitions. With strong life and business experience - and an understanding of how we all think, behave and feel as human beings - I am focused on helping you re-vision, re-value and re-shape your future.

I coach three main transitions:

Professional Coaching. Globe

Expat spouses/partners who have up-rooted their own careers, families and homes, identity and support circle, to move overseas (from and to the UK) and who wonder just how they’re going to re-establish themselves.

I have worked extensively with expats - those who have come over to England, but still after years being here (having the right to remain, or having citizenship), say they feel little sense of belonging and find it hard to re-launch themselves. And I have worked with those who have had to cut short their own fabulous careers here, in order to follow their spouse/partner to another country.

No matter how much your financial worth, it is your personal and emotional worth, which can take a knock. Maintaining independence is key, as is developing a sense of identity and belonging. Living in a different country, thinking about what you left behind - is not living.
Nor is shopping!

Professional Coaching. Singles News

Singles - those who now find themselves living a life on their own – and don’t like it / and those who love it, but want more.

My considerable experience as a psychotherapist - working with warring couples and low-esteemed singles, and has really helped me pull together the essential component parts of living well and successfully, both on your own - and in-relationship.

I'll coach you to get more in touch with who you really are: your core life values, your strengths, your preferences, recognising the hallmarks of disaster, games we play, not getting drawn into toxicity, developing self-assurance, building a supportive circle, being brave, radical self-care, balance and flow. Mine is a whole-life approach to living a great life.

Professional Coaching. Baton

Entrepreneurs who are staring succession in the face, but who find it hard to approach it in a positive, productive and passionate way.

It can be extremely hard for a senior professional - a company owner - to open up to someone outside, to talk about the highly personal issues that face you. Be assured that from me, you will have total confidentiality,
a fair and balanced view, someone who will ask you key questions without you having to worrying about the impact of your answers.

You are not alone. This is an issue that I am personally experienced in. I will help you gain perspective, explore options - and your thoughts about achievement, identity and status. I will help you listen to both your head and your heart, find clarity and peace - and push forward with conviction that you have made the right decision.

My style is straightforward. I'm well-resourced and experienced in the human dynamic, experienced in business, and have seen/lived first-hand the dilemma of succession.

Big life transitions can involve losses. I will help you regain:

  • clarity - a way forward
  • self-esteem
  • identity
  • status
  • independence
  • a sense of belonging
  • sleep
  • mental and physical health
  • a sense of balance and flow
  • safety and security
  • a sense of humour!

    Please contact me for a free initial 30 minute chat (face-to-face online).

    Fees and T&C on application.

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