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Couples Counselling is great!

As a counsellor, I get to see amazing insights, shifts of perception and tangible changes made both in the counselling room and (so clients report) outside. Many clients arrive for couples counselling believing they do not share the same thinking as their partner - and many leave realising they share more than they realise (but I guess that might be a bit cloudy right now!)

It's an opportunity to get your tricky stuff aired in a safe, contained space and develop greater communication.
I have a fairness and sense of equality that shows through in how I facilitate the sessions.

You may think its all over - and, if this is the case, it is far healthier to end well. Even if you're spitting nails, it really does your own heart good to agree to differ and move on respectfully (especially if children are involved).

There's nothing to lose. The initial info-gathering session is free (held at my counselling / psychotherapy room in Teddington) - with absolutely no obligation to continue.

Couples Counselling is a big part of my practice. My aim is for you to leave counselling - even just the first session - with far greater clarity than you entered with. I have developed a highly productive format for couples, to maximise our time together:

- As a couple, you meet with me for around 6 sessions
- Then we'll have a Break-Out - with each person meeting me individually for 2 sessions each.
- Then returning as a couple for 4 sessions.

We can work in this practical format for as long as you want or need.

Or, if you don't feel comfortable with the above format, the three of us can work right through all of the sessions together, rather than having a Break-Out. However, life is about coming together, doing stuff on our own, and then coming together again. It is as simple as an In and Out breath: life flows in, life flows out - and so on.

Free consultation: 50 minutes.

Session length: 50-60 minutes.

Fees: £65.00 per session.

Early-bird appointments - I have a couple of slots from 8am onwards - or otherwise appointments are a mix of daytime/evening.

Some of the things we'll look at:

  • Your expectations - of the other and yourself
  • Your identity/role in the relationship
  • Your values - are they jointly held or, if different, can they compliment each other?
  • Your boundaries - do you know what your's are? Does your partner? Does your partner respect them?
  • Your old relationships - are they intruding into your current life (remember Princess Diana's comment: "There are three people in this marriage..." - unless, of course, all three of you are genuinely happy!)

When is a couple is not a couple? I also work with Tri-relationships.
When a couple aren't partners? Family members have also worked through their differences with me in the same way.

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