Take2Therapy Counselling & Psychotherapy for Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington

How one-to-one sessions work

I only work with a maximum of 10 counselling or psychotherapy clients at any one time - and sessions are held at my Teddington therapy room and/or a pre-arranged online sessions.

Free consultation: 40 minutes.

Session length: 50 minutes.

Fees: £50.00 per session.

T2T Individuals. Codep

Some specialist areas:

  • Feelings of being "stuck", going no-where, hard to create a vision for the future...

  • Chaotic thinking and behaving...

  • Addictive behaviours and thoughts...

  • The Dance of Codependency.

    Codependency is a dance - for two. Though, you might not be a "couple", as codependency exists in families, friends, with bosses or pets.

    Like it (or not), for some reason you find yourself drawn to the other, 'needing' the other and unconsciously giving your power over to the other, eventually making you wobbly, angry, feeling like you don't exist, resentful. Unfortunately, those who behave codependently are attracted to (and drawn by) others who behave codependently. Whilst on the surface one person may appear controlling and the other compliant, both behaviours are deeply controlling. Constantly blaming the other and wanting them to change are key indicators, as are over-tight or very wooly boundaries, which get trashed or flexed to snapping point. Why doesn't one simply leave the other? Those who suffer from codependency will tell you that it is like being bound by an invisible umbilical cord. However, codependency is treatable - you really can move on from it.

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