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Coaching is personal...

That’s why you won’t find any standard motivational photo-shots of people high-fiving, laughing hysterically for the camera, or climbing mountains - nor will you see any artfully posed photos of an immaculate white desk (my desk is not immaculate and its not white), strictly no candles – and no bullshit either.

I’ve morphed from a relationship psychotherapist of 10 years, with a full private practice – into a well-trained professional coach, with an accredited coaching qualification, from a world-class organisation. I now devote 80% of my working diary to professionally coaching people facing major life transitions.

With strong life and business experience - and an understanding of how we all think, behave and feel as human beings - I am focused on helping those people who are forced to up-root themselves and start again:

Entrepreneurs who are staring succession in the face, but who find it hard to approach it in a positive, productive and passionate way;

Expat spouses/partners who have up-rooted their own careers, families and homes, identity and support circle, to move overseas (from and to the UK) and who wonder just how they’re going to re-establish themselves;

Singles - those who now find themselves living a life on their own – and don’t like it / and those who love it, but want more.

Big life transitions can involve losses. Coaching works to help you regain:

- clarity - a way forward
- self-esteem
- identity
- status
- independence
- a sense of belonging
- sleep
- mental and physical health
- a sense of balance and flow
- safety and security
- a sense of humour!

Together, we will re-vision, re-value and re-shape these areas of your life. And, hopefully, we'll have a few belly-laughs along the way!

And remember, there’s no wrong way of doing this and there’s no “right” way – other than your way.

It’s personal.

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